Is your home or business beginning to feel small? Does it just not meet your needs anymore? Maybe it lacks certain amenities that your family or employees really need to create a positive living or working environment. If so, then additional square footage may be exactly what you need. Whether you want to add a new bedroom, expand a kitchen, finish a basement or add a new office for your growing business, Egan Construction has the design and construction experience to turn your ideas into a reality.

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Homeowners sometimes outgrow their space and may need an additional room that fits their needs. Expanding your home is about more than just adding square footage. It means adding functional, useable space and value. Oftentimes, remodeling or adding an addition to a home is much more affordable than uprooting and moving.

Perhaps you desire an all-seasons room added to the back or side of your home that you can enjoy year-round. Or maybe you’ve considered event barn construction in Kingsport for entertaining. Whether you need a new space for entertaining and hobbies or are welcoming a new baby into your family a need extra space, a home addition can provide the additional square footage you need. Our exceptional builders in Kingsport take the home that you love and turn it into one that fits your current lifestyle with a custom addition. Our designers collaborate with you to incorporate your own inspirations and ideas into a plan that can transform any space. From adding additional square footage, finishing a basement, or creating a custom hobby room, your current space can be turned into one that you love to use and are proud to show off when hosting guests.

Popular Home Additions

Every homeowner has a unique set of needs when it comes to expanding their living space.

While we are more than happy to work with you on your custom design needs, here are popular addition projects homeowners often consider:

If you would like to learn more about custom home additions in Kingsport, please reach out to our experienced team to discuss renovating or expanding your home.

Can rooms be added to any home?

It depends on the size of your lot, easements, utility and sewer lines, and the proximity of the proposed addition to your lot lines. Our home additions contractor in Kingsport can research these components, and ensure the addition remains compliant with local government and subdivision regulations. From there, we can discuss your specific design needs and the square footage of your new space.

Second-Story Additions

Some homeowners wish to add a second story to their homes. While this is an invasive process, it is possible. However, our home builder contractors in Kingsport will need to meet with you to assess your home’s current structure and discuss the basis of the addition to determine how best to accomplish adding a second story to your home. This way, we remain transparent and ensure clarity when discussing your project’s scope with you.

Rough and Finish Carpentry for Your Addition

Perhaps you are quite handy and desire to complete certain aspects of your home addition project, like adding lighting fixtures, painting, and laying the flooring. If that is the case, we offer rough and finish carpentry in Kingsport, where our builders handle the framing and structuring of your home addition, leaving the finishing touches for you to handle and customize on your own. We personally find an incredible amount of joy and pride in doing carpentry work, and so we understand that some homeowners may feel the same about finishing the job on their own. Therefore, ask about our rough and finish carpentry for your home addition if you would like to complete the project yourself. 

Home Additions in Kingsport

Egan Construction offers exquisite results with peerless quality. Our expert design team can help you transform your current home by adding the necessary square footage for maximum functionality. Whether you’d like to add a hobby room, a guest bedroom, attic, or basement addition, Egan Construction is here for you. Please call (276) 386-2300 to learn more.